Erosion Control, Naturalization, Stewardship,

Biodiversity, Pest Control

  • Do you have goose issues?
  • Are you tired of cutting lawns ?
  • Are your gardens high maintenance?
  • Do you have wave erosion?
  • Is your shore clean, clear and healthy?
  • Do you want to help the environment?

Natural shorelines improve the environment, retain your views, reduce pests such as geese, are easily maintained, and increase property values

Shoreline gardens are designed with the environment in mind.  Our Shoreline Gardens contain Native and local flowering plants and shrubs that attract butterflies and birds, secure excess nutrients from septics and runoff, and limit shoreline erosion.

Gardens are tailored for your aesthetic preferences and to meet your needs. Gardens don’t require excessive maintenance or watering.

Our expertise and designs can be tailored to limit geese while ensuring you have access to the shore.
Attractive shoreline gardens will increase property values and keep the views beautiful from both sides of the shore.

A healthy and functional shoreline supports healthy lakes, good water quality, and productive fish habitats.

**We understand these very important considerations**

We understand hydrology- water is very powerful and the smallest changes at the shore can result in more erosion or downstream deposition affecting neighbours and fish habitat.  We therefore do not harden shorelines unnecessarily but can design eco-friendly solutions. We understand legislative requirements; work within the high water mark is a Fisheries concern and may require permits.  Finally we understand native plants and plant associations as well as soils.

The best gardens are designed to match the local environment.

1. Book a site visit
Not sure what steps to take or what options are available? Call us and book a site visit. We will help you vision, assess needs, and choose options.

2. Describe your needs and goals
You may decide that limiting erosion, deterring geese, attracting wildlife, improving water quality, or overall stewardship and wildlife habitat are some of you goals. Once you understand your options, we will help you set priorities and parameters.

3. The design
Elements such as rock paths, staircases, activity areas, entries and access points are chosen with your direction. We believe people are a part of ecosystems too. Plants are chosen for the sites’ aspect, soils, and features. Each species is selected to provide unique benefits and functions. We will provide a detailed plan, with species lists, product lists and placement.

4. Planting and installation
We can offer additional services of supplying Native plants, planting and installation, or supervision. We hand-install plants and stone work. For intensive alterations, we may refer you to local contractors.

We maintain high standards because we care about our clients and our communities.

Hourly rates apply for site visits and consultations. Travel time is included. Plans are rated according to complexity and size.