Leora Berman, Principle, works to build social sector businesses and enterprises and to advance ecological and cultural sustainability. To directly affect ecological health she established this discrete specialized environmental company, Aquatilus Consulting in 2006. To advance social good, Leora launched The Ber Company

To sustain water quality and habitats, Leora has worked with numerous NGOs, landowners, groups, and municipalities delivering successful wetland and shoreline restoration projects across southern Ontario, including Goose deterrent projects and lake plans.   Leora has certifications and training in:

  •  Ontario Wetland Evaluation System;
  • Temperate Wetland Restoration;
  • Ecological Restoration;
  • Erosion Control;
  • Dam building;
  • Hydrogeology;
  • Water treatment;
  • Hydrology and Watershed Management;

Leora has won awards for Environmental Science and Technology and in areas of Landscape and Environmental Planning. She was an instructor for the Drainage Superintendent's Course of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and worked with farmers across southern Ontario to achieve a desired balance in terms of soil hydration and sub-irrigation. She worked extensively in hydrogeological consulting, with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and agencies of Wildlife Habitat Canada and Ducks Unlimited Canada for shoreline and wetland restoration and management.

Aquatilus works with local groups, experts, and with you!

To achieve the best results, we work with the landowner first, and pull in support from the community, partners and experts for projects that are dynamic and successful.

The main objective is simple: To satisfy our customers.



Hourly fees for site visits and consultations, including travel time apply.

Planting, Goose, and Lake Plan costs are standardized and rated according to size and complexity.  

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